chiro.pngChiropractic care involves the application of force by the adjuster’s hands to certain areas of the body that are “stuck”. “Stuck” basically means that two or more structures are not in their normal orientation and do not move as one cohesive unit as intended. This can be verified by motion palpation of those areas to determine how well they move as a unit. Motion palpation is used throughout the exam both prior to and following adjustment to both find the areas that need adjusted and verify that they have been fixed following the adjustment. This can be witnessed by the client as the adjustment progresses as well as other positive signs such as yawning, sighing, licking and chewing. The positive benefits of chiropractic care are in most cases nearly immediate from a sports medicine perspective. There are other benefits extending to the nervous system that cannot be easily measured or perceived. Chiropractic care allows the nervous system both peripherally and centrally (brain) to run at peak efficiency. This allow your animal to perform better, live with a higher quality of life, and limit injuries related to taking a bad step.

Dr. Metcalf received his training locally at Parker University in Dallas, TX where he has also had the recent privilege to instruct on the importance of sports medicine, dentistry and podiatry and its relationship with chiropractic medicine.

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