Sports Medicine & Lameness

Lameness is a common problem whether it be for top equine athlete or the back yard horse. Lameness exams can vary from very complex or multifactorial issues to very simple issues that can be localized by providing a thorough lameness exam.

Lameness exams proceed as follows:

Examination and Localization are the first steps to successfully treat a lameness issue. An exam must be provided that provides observation of the horse in flight, as well as flexions and palpation of various joints and soft tissue structures. A thorough history provided by the owner or trainer can be very helpful in determining the source of the issue as well. We use every skill at our disposal to provide the most accurate answer as to your horse’s condition and will almost always call upon the extended knowledge we possess in the areas of chiropractic, acupuncture, podiatry and dentistry to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and well rounded approach.

Diagnostic Imaging such as radiographs, and ultrasound are most commonly used to provide answers. Less commonly nuclear scintigraphy, MRI, and CT scans can be used to provide the remaining pieces of the puzzle. Not every lameness will require diagnostic imaging and we are happy to advise you as to which would be most diagnostic and cost effective.

Treatment options can be provided once a diagnosis has been provided. Various therapies can be implemented to resolve the issue. This is where sports medicine in our practice begins to separate from the average veterinarian as we can provide all treatment options ranging from chiropractic’s, acupuncture, herbal recommendations, podiatry, as well as common therapies such as joint injections, or regenerative therapies (IRAP, PRP, stem cells).

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