Digital Radiographs* are of the highest quality and provide a very sharp and crisp diagnostic image. They can provide valuable information in multiple areas of medicine such as podiatry, sports medicine and dentistry.

Digital Ultrasound* is a crucial diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of soft tissue lesions, as well as providing more information about various conditions of the organs residing in both the thoracic and abdominal cavities. It is instrumental in the areas of sports medicine and lameness work ups as well as colics and pneumonia.

Endoscopy and Gastroscopy* allows for a better diagnosis for an array of respiratory diseases and conditions as well as upper gastrointestinal conditions such as gastric ulcers.

On site, full service in-house laboratory which allows us to run crucial lab tests immediately to expedite diagnosis and treatment options insuring the best care for your horse. We utilize outside laboratories for any specialized testing that may be required.

*Avaliable procedures both in house or in the field upon request.

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